You’re likely reading this because you have heard of the beauty, adventure and relaxation that awaits in Baja, Mexico. The Baja peninsula offers all of this and so much more. 

From world-class vineyards in Valle de Guadalupe to pristine beaches along the Bay of Concepcion and a handful of mountain ranges in between, the landscapes and natural beauty of Baja are remarkable. 

And there’s no shortage of wildlife to enjoy in the waters surrounding the peninsula. From swimming with whale sharks and sea lions to releasing baby sea turtles and watching humpback whales breach as you watch sunset on the beach – this is just the start of your Baja adventure!

The moment we first crossed the Tecate border in 2019, we found ourselves immediately hooked on Baja. And now that we’ve returned several times and have spent several months on end enjoying our favorite parts of Baja. 

From spending time with wonderful new friends to eating delicious carnitas at our favorite taco stand to paddleboarding with sea lions, dolphins and whale sharks – we look forward to returning to Baja the moment we cross back into the US. 

We’ve been sharing our Baja adventures on our YouTube channel and writing about Baja for years. Now we’ve decided to put everything we know about Baja together in this book so you can plan the adventure of a lifetime that will get you hooked on Baja! 

Thanks for taking the time to see this spectacular part of the world through our eyes and we look forward to helping you find your own favorites as you wander the Baja Peninsula. 

Why Travel To Baja?

We’ve already alluded to the fact that Baja is full of spectacular scenery, wonderful people and unique experiences. But there’s more reason to travel to Baja than just those things. There’s a mystique about Baja, a sense of romanticism in thinking about this lesser inhabited and explored part of North America.

Baja usually evokes a sense of adventure and exploration. Although you can purchase most items using your credit card, there is still a sense of being lost in time as you drive through the small villages and towns in Baja. 

Though most of the main roads are paved and you may not have to lug an extra jerry can of fuel around as those intrepid explorers did in the 1960s and 1970s, you can still find yourself driving down dirt roads more frequented by cows and coyotes than people, hiking to areas where you may stumble across unmarked cave and rock paintings and poking your head around some of the most pristine coral reefs on the planet.

Of course, you may also be attracted to the ease of living that many seek out on various beaches throughout the Baja peninsula. Whether you’re looking for community among ex-pats at some of the more popular beaches, or you want to go off-grid and trek down 20 miles of washboard road for your own piece of solitude, Baja can accommodate your wishes. 

Most people come to Baja to slow down their pace of life and are typically attracted to both formal and informal beach communities. Whether you want to boondock at beaches with no cell phone service or prefer to have a seaside view with a full hookup, life is easy in Baja. 

The cost of living in Baja is also significantly less than that of most places in the United States and Canada. While you can usually find some way to go all out on a spending spree, you may be surprised how far your money will go in Baja if you are on a fixed income or just live quite frugally. Baja is very affordable and a great option if you’re looking to save money during your travels.

And, of course, you can’t beat the seasonal weather that offers warm winter nights along the Sea of Cortez to cool summer mornings along the Pacific Ocean. This is even more true if you are like a growing number of people who prefer to avoid the cold and snow of the Great North and would instead favor walking around barefoot in bathing suits on Christmas morning. 

Baja is also full of adventure. We love standup paddleboarding and have no fewer than a dozen places in Baja where we enjoy taking our SUPs out. You can go marlin fishing in waters teeming with the prize fish, scuba diving and snorkeling and even swimming with the largest fish in the sea. Don’t miss the opportunity to go whale watching as humpbacks, grey whales and even blue whales migrate along the coast. 

On land, check out the various natural hot springs built into the side of the sea or in remote parts of the mountains. Go horseback riding to remote cave paintings, take multi-day hikes across the peninsula or enjoy some single tracks on your mountain bike or offroad tracks on your ATV. 

From a sporting standpoint, you may be attracted to the surf along the Pacific Ocean or paddleboarding, kayaking or sailing the calm waters of the Sea of Cortez. Or perhaps you want to learn, or perfect, kiteboarding along the East Cape where the winds are consistently strong enough in the winter months to attract crowds of kite surfers. 

Hike or mountain bike remote desert trails or ascend to the top of several challenging mountain peaks throughout the peninsula. Other than traditional winter sports, there really are not many outdoor activities that you can’t do in Baja. 
So now that you have an idea about why you should be excited about visiting Baja, let’s quickly cover who this Guide Book is for and how we hope it will help you plan the perfect trip to a place we have come to love and enjoy!