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After years of traveling and camping all throughout Baja, we have fallen in love with the peninsula and think you will too!

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The book is over 238 pages full of information to help you plan your adventure to Baja – including details about the planning and logistics of camping in Baja to specific information about 22 of Baja California’s most popular and sought-after destinations, including campground descriptions, boondocking and alternative camping options and volunteer opportunities to enrich your travels.

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Table of Contents

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Chapter 1 – Planning Your Trip/ Considerations/How Life In Baja Works

The Geography of Baja CaliforniaCrossing the Border
When To Visit BajaDriving in Baja
What to See and Do in BajaStaying Safe and Healthy in Baja
Key Baja Terminology and ConversionsHealth, Hospitals & Pharmacies
What To Expect at Campgrounds in BajaFood and Drinking Water
Car and Tent Camping In BajaSafety & Security
Cost of Campgrounds in BajaPower, Water and Sewer Hookups

Chapter 2: Camping Logistics in Baja

Conversions (KM/Mile, Liter/Gal, Peso/USD)Groceries
Cash, Credit Cards and ATMsCellular Service/Wifi in Baja
Fresh Water for your RV TankFerries
Sewer / Dump StationsTraveling with Dogs/Pets
LPG / Propane RefillsReturning to the US

Chapter 3 – Where to Go in Baja California

Destinations Along Federal Highway 1
Valle de GuadalupeSan Quintin
Destinations Along Highway 5
San FelipeBahia San Luis Gonzaga (Gonzaga Bay)
PuertecitosBahia de Los Angeles

Chapter 4 – Where to Go in Baja California Sur

Destinations to the North
Guerrero NegroBay of Concepcion
San IgnacioLoreto
Laguna San IgnacioSan Juanico
Santa RosaliaLa Paz
Destinations Along the Southern Tip
La Ventana/El SargentoTodos Santos
Los BarrilesEl Pescadero / Playa Los Cerritos
Cabo PulmoCabo San Lucas

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