Baja RV Caravan Tours | 2024/2025 Premium Baja Camping Experience

Are you interested in RVing to Baja, Mexico, but not sure whether you have the confidence to make the journey alone? Our Baja RV caravan tours are perfect for you!

Thanks to a lot of interest in our special 40-day “Wander to Baja” RV caravan, we (Chris & Lindsay with Called To Wander) have opened up the opportunity for you to join another special caravan offering during January- February 2025!

Our new caravan offering will provide a unique and different experience from the 40-day caravan, focusing on gray whale tours and beaches and only traveling a little over halfway down the peninsula. We want to help you make the best memories you can during your Baja adventure, so choose which option is best for you!

Here are some key features of each that differentiate the caravan itineraries.

FEB/MAR 2025“Wander to Baja”JAN 2025 “Baja Whales & Beaches”
40 daysDuration18 days 
Feb 11 – March 23, 2025DatesJan 16 – Feb 2, 2025
1 included (+2 optional)Whale Tours3 included whale tours
17Beach Days9
La Paz (via Los Barriles)TerminusBay of Concepcion
6 – Happy Hours
5 – Hosted Meals
15 – Optional Excursions
Included Features
8 – Happy Hours
8 – Hosted Meals
7 – Excursions (3 Whale Tours)
You want the full Baja experience as winter ends and the peninsula warms back up, complete with whales, beaches and so much more!

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Why Join This CaravanYou want a limited Baja experience focusing on whale tours and beaches, with more included activities and meals and not having to drive the entire peninsula. 


Two of our favorite things to do in Baja are to visit the Gray Whale momma and babies that migrate to the peninsula every winter and spend as much time as possible on various beaches up and down the coast!

This year, we decided to offer a short roundtrip caravan itinerary focusing on both activities!

If you’ve always wanted to experience Gray Whales up close and personal (like really, really up close!) then this caravan is just for you! We’ve contacted our whale-watching friends and arranged for 3 special opportunities to experience the Gray Whales in 3 different settings!

Plus, we’re not taking you halfway down the peninsula without giving you plenty of opportunity to rest, relax or play in the sunshine, sand, and saltwater that remain warm and inviting even in January!

If this sounds like you, here are some key features of this caravan itinerary:

RoundtripWe rendezvous in the US and travel together for 18 days, including the two days that we cross the border in each direction.
DestinationsWe’ll stop at the following destinations along the way:
* Valle de Guadalupe (1 day)
* San Quintin (1 day)
* Catavina (1 day)
* Guerrero Negro (3 days)
* San Ignacio (2 days)
* Bay of Concepcion (4 days)
* Bay of Los Angeles (2 days)
* Gonzaga Bay (1 day)
* San Felipe (1 day)
Activities and Optional ExcursionsAlthough the primary focus for this caravan is “Gray Whales and Beaches,” we’re also going to have the opportunity to experience a few other things along the way:
* Wine tasting and vineyard tours
* Cave paintings
* Historic town tours

We’re also ensuring you get the taste of Baja by including 8 meals and 8 happy hours that we’ll enjoy together!
Premium ExperienceRest easy and know that we’ve planned the best experiences you can have in Baja! We’ve made it so easy that pretty much all you need to do is drive your own rig!

Price: $3,595 USD/ RV (based on 2 people)

ONLY 7 SPOTS ARE AVAILABLE!!! If you are seriously interested in joining one of our special caravans, we are currently accepting pre-registration.


We have tailored the caravan in our style, focusing on multiple whale and wildlife interactions, lots of time on the beach, and the opportunity to see a little “behind the scenes” of life in Baja by volunteering or dropping off items with great nonprofits throughout the peninsula.

Our caravan will leave the US and cross into Mexico at the Tecate border on February 12, 2025, and will continue for a 40-day roundtrip with a return to the US on March 23, 2025. This caravan will bring you to all of the main attractions in the Baja Peninsula, including optional participation at our 2nd Annual Wander to Baja RV Meetup on Playa el Tecolote.

Enjoy our favorite parts of Baja in the most popular destinations with various activities, camping opportunities, delicious meals and personal time with us.

We will share everything we know about RVing and camping in Baja during each caravan day. Ask us any question anytime, and feel confident knowing that we are here to help you truly enjoy and make the most of your time in Baja.

We plan everything for you, so all you have to do is wake up, get dressed, and head out for a day of adventure! Plus, we intentionally build flexibility into the itinerary so you have more options for how you want to spend your days.

Learn everything we know about and discover Baja as you see the highlights and participate in many activities that bring campers down the peninsula year after year!

Price: $4,995 USD/ RV (based on 2 people)



Both caravans include standard features that we personalize to make your experience more of a vacation and less of a logistical challenge.

During each caravan day, we will share everything we know about RVing and camping in Baja with you. Ask us any question anytime, and feel confident knowing that we are here to help you truly enjoy and make the most of your time in Baja.

We plan everything for you, so you just wake up, get dressed, and head out for a day of adventure! Plus, we intentionally build flexibility into the itinerary so you have more options for how you want to spend your days.

Learn everything we know about and discover Baja as you see the highlights and participate in many activities that bring campers down the peninsula year after year!

“Chris and Lindsay were great caravan leaders. I felt confident in their knowledge of Baja and RV traveling, as they literally wrote the book on how to do it in Baja. They made me feel safe and well looked after. So much so that I traveled for a month on my own in Baja afterward as a single woman. You would do well to have them guide you.”

K, Alberta

This is as close as it gets to traveling like us! With a special focus on beach days and fun activities, you’ll see the best of Baja and how it is meant to be enjoyed!

Escape the worst winter weather and enjoy the best of Baja with the opportunity to come face to face with magnificent and majestic Gray Whales!

Frequently Asked Questions

Please be sure to read the following FAQ to have a better understanding of the nature of our caravans and the reasons why we have certain limitations

What is included in the caravan cost?

The moment you join one of our Baja RV caravan tours, you can leave all worry and stress behind! We handle 100% of the planning and logistics for travel for you and our other caravan members and escort you 100% of the time as your private wagon masters.

Your Baja trip will be one to remember and will show you the real Mexico as we plan each step of the RV tour for you – but leave a lot of flexibility in what you make of your memorable experience.

From participating in pre-caravan virtual meetups and chats where you will get to know the other travelers and us to complete paperwork together to daily briefings – you can focus more on enjoying your time and less on the details of how to make things work!

Don’t worry about finding things like:

  • Purified drinking water
  • Dump stations
  • Propane
  • Gas stations
  • Grocery stores
  • RV Parks

While personal health and vehicle maintenance are always your responsibility, we are there to ensure you feel safe and comfortable at all times and assist you with any unforeseen issues that may arise.

We coordinate the caravan members’ wants and needs in a smaller group setting, so your first trip will be great!

Here are a few things that come included with the pricing:

  • ALL camping fees paid
  • Assistance completing required immigration paperwork
  • Several INCLUDED Tour Excursions + loads of OPTIONAL Tours (depending on your caravan selection)
  • Several INCLUDED Group Meals + Happy Hours (depending on your caravan selection)
  • Daily briefings + Baja Q&A
  • Starlink WiFi connectivity
  • Handheld Radios for communication while driving
  • Guidebook outlining daily activities
RV camping on Baja beach as caravan
RV beach camping with friends!

What is NOT included in the caravan cost?

Although we include our passion and knowledge from many years of experience RVing and camping in Baja, Mexico, there are specific costs that we do not include in the caravan.

Below is a general list of expenses you will need to take into consideration in addition to the caravan fee itself.

  • FMM (tourist visa)
  • Mexican RV/Auto Insurance
  • Fuel
  • Optional Tours and Activities
  • Many meals and all groceries

“Chris and Lindsay were the caravan leaders for our trip down the Baja peninsula. This was not only our first trip to Baja but our first experience with traveling in a caravan. We really enjoyed the caravan experience in large part due to Chris and Lindsay’s friendly, casual personalities. Chris and Lindsay’s knowledge of Baja and their ability to communicate in Spanish allowed us to relax and enjoy the vacation without having to be concerned about communication challenges or our lack of knowledge of the local customs.

D and J, British Columbia 

Unlike other Baja RV caravan tours that bundle you and dozens of other people into tours and communal meals with dishes you may not enjoy or be able to eat, we try to bring the Baja California experience to you a la carte.

We know that no Baja trip is one-size-fits-all, and we want to help you see and experience Baja on our caravan tour the way we have come to know and love it. We also want you to be able to travel as much in your own style as we can.

  • When it comes to guided tours and activities, you can choose the ones you want to do and skip those that don’t interest you. We won’t force you to do all the tours because you pre-paid for them.
  • We also know what it is like to be hungry after a day of exploration only to find that the communal meal that night is either not big enough, tasty enough or does not fit your dietary needs.

You can check out this post to estimate how much to expect to pay for expenses not included in our caravan cost.

Tourists on a boat and a grey whale Feature
A must-do experience in Baja during winter!

What is the Baja RV caravan size?

We will never have more than 14 guests (typically 7 RVs). Smaller group size means a lot when it comes to mobility and logistics. Imagine waiting in line behind 10-15 other RVs for water, propane, or fuel. It is disrespectful to other drivers if such long lines of RVs tie up the roads.

But even more importantly, we keep our RV caravan tour size small because we want to spend time with you throughout the trip to ensure you have a wonderful time and a great adventure. We are your wagon masters, and as such, we will be sharing meals, campfires, and tours and checking off our own bucket list experiences right there with you.

Plus, a smaller RV caravan size means we will spend more time interacting with the Mexican people and other campers we meet rather than remaining isolated and self-contained within the caravan.

Other caravan companies offer larger caravans than ours. While we can’t speak to whether you would enjoy a larger group experience, we proudly offer the most intimate Baja caravan tour out there.

“I just spent a month in Baja with compassionate, knowledgeable, and respectful trip leaders. Chris and Lindsay have extensive experience in the region.  They share their knowledge joyfully.  Highly recommend them to be your RV caravan leaders.  Great dogs too!”  

D, Alaska 
rv caravan happy hour with fire

Who are our “Wagon Masters”

We, Chris and Lindsay from Called To Wander, are your wagon masters. As such, we do all of the planning and accounting for logistics on the road, and we have the final say in every decision.

Since 2019, we’ve spent 5-6 months each year RVing throughout the Baja peninsula and have directly or indirectly encouraged, inspired, and informed countless other travelers to come to Baja California.

Instead of watching our YouTube videos, reading our RVing and Camping in Baja Guide Book, or scrolling through our website posts to learn how to create a DIY Baja adventure, we’ll be your tour leaders throughout the entire caravan tour.

At the end of our time together, we will consider each other friends, and you will know everything that we know about Baja, Mexico.

Chris and Lindsay Called To Wander Tecolote Beach
A little love from our family to yours!

“We wanted to express our gratitude for the work you both did to make our caravan a great experience.  Your willingness to go the extra mile for us in particular with our trailer challenges and the rest of the caravan as a whole is very much appreciated.   

Chris, you truly are a great leader with your morning briefings, your willingness to change plans on the fly and your knowledge of the areas we visited.  Thank you for going out of your way to get us water when needed, having your ‘friends’ stop by with sausages, frozen meat and of course the seafood people and generally working hard to make everyone feel included.

Lindsay, we appreciate the joy and laughter you brought to all our get-togethers.  Thank you for your photographs, your skills in all things technical and the hosted happy hours/dinners.  The love you have for the area and its people is very apparent.   May your ‘treasure box’ always have room for your next great find!

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you both and our fellow travelers. We too are hopeful that our paths will cross again.”

S and R, British Columbia

What RVs, trailers, and motorhomes are permitted in the caravan?

Unfortunately, not all motorhomes, trailers, and campers are created equal when it comes to camping in Baja. So, for safety, convenience, and campground limitations, we must limit the size of the rigs that we can lead through Baja.

RV Size Limitations

We cannot lead any of the following:

  • Fifth Wheel Trailers longer than 26 feet
  • Bumper Pull Trailer longer than 26 feet
  • Class A/C motorhomes longer than 30 feet

Due to the nature of where we will travel, stay and explore, some places may be a little tight. Other places will have dips that will make it difficult for larger rigs, and many campgrounds will limit the size of the RV.

We trust that you know your RV, trailer, or motorhome better than us. And we won’t put you in a situation that we have not personally seen or been a part of navigating the largest rigs. Part of our commitment to making this RV caravan tour an unforgettable vacation for you is reducing the worry and anxiety you (and we) will feel if your rig is too large.

However, smaller rigs such as truck campers and vans are ideal. If you are unsure whether or not your rig will work for our Baja caravan tour, please contact us immediately so we can discuss it!

rv caravan in baja celebrating happy hour on the beach

Can I bring/Do I need a tow vehicle?

Towed vehicles are welcomed but not required. In fact, in our pre-meetup virtual get-togethers, we will take inventory of the rigs and resources of our tour group and make group decisions about whether or not we require towed vehicles.

Towed vehicles are great for exploring and experiencing Mexican Baja. They are also fantastic for running errands around town and, at times, creating our own custom tour experiences.

However, there will be times when towed vehicles must be unhitched to enter RV parks and other areas and each vehicle must carry Mexican liability insurance, which is an additional cost. Plus, if we have enough towed vehicles between the members of our caravan, then we can plan to share the use (and costs) of the vehicle.

We will have our towed vehicle 100% of the time—both for the convenience of helping shuttle our caravan group around and for the safety of being able to look after each member of our caravan tour.

What about the border crossing?

The border crossing between the US and Baja, Mexico, can be intimidating. Each time we have crossed, it has been an entirely different situation, so we are careful not to make promises about how easy it will be. Generally speaking, it is a stressful few minutes that quickly resolves itself with excitement once we’re on the road in Baja!

However, at our meetup for Day 0, we will review all of the required paperwork together and discuss any concerns you may have. We’ll then drive together to the border to complete our FMM applications.

We will cross the border as a group where we, as the Wagon Master, will take the lead and try to diffuse any potential situations before they arise. Know that RV caravans of any size fall under either more or less scrutiny from immigration inspectors, so we will do our best to remain physically with you during the inspection at the border.

What happens if I break down or have other RV maintenance issues?

Baja breaks things. Trust us, in the years we’ve traveled to Baja we have not left the peninsula after 5 months unscathed! But what issues we faced and the extent to which we were able to find quick and suitable fixes has varied.

We require that you sign our RV Checklist document prior to meeting with us. Although this checklist may seem tedious, it includes things you likely already do (oil changes, tire rotation and balance, etc.).

However, you must take any and all preventative maintenance seriously before joining our caravan. As the checklist states, we assume no responsibility for you or your RV during the caravan. However, we will do everything we can to ensure you are safe and your rig can be repaired.

Like other travelers, we will rely on the presence and professionalism of Green Angels on the highways in Baja. Green Angels are bilingual mechanics whose sole job is to drive up and down stretches of the highway to assist stranded drivers.

As your wagon masters, we will safely pull over the entire group and return to you as necessary to assess the situation. If we can reach the next destination safely, we will do so. However, if emergency roadside assistance is required, we will contact the Green Angels to find local repairs.

We cannot leave the rest of the caravan to tend to your breakdown. However, we have built-in travel time for this purpose, and one or the other of us will remain with you, if possible until you have a repair solution.

If possible, we will try to arrange for the repair to take place at and during our stop at the next destination to minimize interference with your time on the caravan. However, it may be necessary for us to continue to travel south, in which case you will be welcome to join us again after the repair is made.

** In leading previous caravans, we have experienced various issues that were quickly and safely resolved, and we trust that we can find quick solutions in the event of an incident.

Celebrating a birthday in Baja RV caravan

Are pets welcome?

Pets are absolutely welcome! We travel with our two Australian Cattle Dogs and have known many people who have traveled throughout Baja and mainland Mexico with cats!

But know that we do have a pet release form that we require if you plan to bring your pet with you. It outlines basic courtesies and per-owner responsibilities you likely already know and follow.

Also, note that Baja can be quite warm at times. We will do everything we can to offer pet-sitting services by ourselves and members of our group (as applicable) so that you can enjoy excursions without worrying about your furry family member. More about traveling with pets.

What about children?

What about them? Just kidding! You are welcome to bring your children along with you, and this is one reason why we try to keep our RV caravan tour as flexible as possible. However, some decisions and activities may be directly or indirectly impacted if you have kids.

For example, some campgrounds may charge a few pesos more for families with more than 2 adults. Clearly, you will have to account for your children, not only in terms of what tours and activities you can/want to participate in but also in terms of the additional expense of including them.

But we have designed our RV caravan tour to be open to travelers of all ages, as Baja California is meant to be explored and loved by all!

Thank you both for a wonderful trip to the Baja. You showed us you had the experience, knowledge, & professionalism to guide us through a sometimes challenging journey.  Whatever the challenges either mechanical issues with the RV’s, or pet issues, you were always there to assist us.  We couldn’t have had any better wagon masters, thank you.

D & Bubbles, British Columbia

Can you tell me more about the tours and excursions?

To give you the best Baja adventures, we have curated a list of incredible tours and excursions in each destination on our itineraries. Some tours will be more formal, with bilingual tour guides that will take each new adventure up a notch. Many of these guides are our friends that we have made over the years of traveling through Baja.

However, a handful of activities will not require formal tour guides. Instead, we will act as the informal tour guides, taking you to places we know and love. Or else we’ll have one or more of our Mexican friends show you more of the real Mexico that other tours may not capture.

As we move south, we can opt for boating or fishing tours if the weather permits. Several towns, such as Mulege and Loreto, offer specific insight into Mexican history through walking tours.

As we continue on our journey to discover Baja, we’ll participate in whale watching (if applicable) and even allow you to swim with whale sharks and sea lions. Release newly hatched sea turtles, hop on an ATV, and take an adventure along the coast of the Sea of Cortez, or head inland to visit cave paintings that are upwards of 10,000 years old!

Of course, if you only want to sit on the beach and enjoy the scenery and a good book, there is plenty of time between tours. Or we’ll give you the opportunity to opt out of our tours so you can spend the time in the RV park or beach catching up on whatever you want or need to do.

couples on ATVs on the beach in Baja

What if this RV Caravan Tour is not for me?

We are unique among Baja RV caravans as we truly try to make your trip as special and customizable as possible. However, our Baja travel philosophy and some of the above criteria and information may not be what you had in mind when you began researching RV caravans to Baja, Mexico.

We won’t take it personally if you don’t want to travel with us. Each caravan itinerary involves a lot of time spent together. And if you don’t feel absolutely comfortable with our itinerary and planned activities, your rig is perhaps too large, or you do want to experience a larger-group RV caravan, then we’ll help you book with one of the other companies offering Baja caravans.

We have and continue to work with our friends at Baja Amigos, where we were wagon masters on 2 caravans during the 2023/2024 season. So let us know if you are certain you want to join a Baja caravan but feel like we may not be your best option.

In fact, if you chose Baja Amigos or Caravans de Mexico for other reasons – such as being able to add on a trip to Mainland Mexico to experience Copper Canyon – let us know and we’ll try to factor these reasons into our future RV caravans.