Baja Auto Insurance

Although auto/RV insurance is mandatory when driving in Mexico, you will likely NOT be asked to present proof of insurance when crossing the border. However, you will want to ensure that you have adequate insurance in the event of an accident, as the Mexican government takes automobile accidents incredibly seriously.

Although the Mexican government only requires liability insurance to cover damage or injury to other drivers, fully comprehensive coverage is not much more expensive than liability-only.

Insurance can be expensive, particularly if you consider that you will likely keep your US policy active while in Mexico. However, it is legally required and not worth risking huge fines, vehicle impoundment and/or jail time for failing to have adequate Mexican auto insurance.


  • Most insurance companies that sell Mexican auto insurance are brokers for the same Mexican insurance companies, primarily HDI and Chubb. So you are welcome to shop around. But most quotes will come down to a few dollars, where customer service and responsiveness differentiate the companies. 
  • We’ve received the best overall customer service from Baja Bound and have filed multiple claims with various caravan members over the years. Each claim was filed and processed quickly and fully, and our guests were entirely satisfied with their choice of Baja Bound. 
  • Shorter policies are almost always more expensive than 6-month or annual policies. Even if you do not intend to spend 6 months in Baja, it will likely be more affordable to purchase that policy rather than a shorter one. 

Several insurance brokers will allow you to purchase Mexican auto/RV insurance before you arrive at the border. However, in some cases, you can purchase insurance at or before crossing the border. This can be a complicated process and is typically more expensive. We recommend purchasing insurance prior to crossing the border, which allows you to print your documents as well.

Also, be sure you have insurance on each vehicle you bring—whether a towed vehicle, ATV, boat, motorcycle, etc. When you purchase Mexican auto insurance, you can often bundle insurance with your primary vehicle/RV/ van and your additional vehicles.

Note that when insuring a vehicle towed by a motorhome, your towed vehicle will be covered under your motorhome policy only when it is attached to the motorhome. A separate policy is required for the vehicle when you detach it from the motorhome and drive it separately. 

Don’t skimp on insurance! The general rule of thumb with insurance is to insure those items you cannot afford to replace. 

A note on insurance for our British Columbia friends: At the time of writing, you may receive a reimbursement from ICBC for the time that you in Baja if you can prove the date you entered and exited Mexico. To prove this, we advise you to fill your fuel tank the day you enter Mexico as well as on the day you return to the US. Campground receipts also work. But few campgrounds issue receipts. 

Expert Tip: Before purchasing Mexican auto insurance, check with your US or Canadian insurance company to determine the inclusions and limits of your specific policy. For example, a US policy may cover any theft or damage to your RV while in Baja, so you only need to purchase Mexican “liability only” policies for your time in Baja. However, be sure that you understand any limitations, especially regarding coverage for “uninsured motorists,” which is typically only covered with a full-coverage Mexican auto policy.