When To Visit Baja

Like most decisions in life, this one is up to personal preference. However, by far the most popular time to visit Baja is from the fall to the spring when the air temperatures tend to be more favorable and the threat of severe storms and hurricanes has passed. 

The influx of campers generally begins in November and typically most people will clear out of the peninsula before Semana Santa, or the Holy Week, which occurs the week before Easter. 

Winter air temperatures during this time are incredibly pleasant, water temperatures are warm enough to enjoy and marine life is most active during these months. 

However, Semana Santa belongs to the locals. During this week most businesses shut down or reduce their hours as friends and families head out to spend the week on their favorite beaches. You are always welcome to be a part of the festivities. But this week is loud and your private spot on the beach won’t be very private! 

Temperatures also begin to rise rapidly beginning in April and continue through summer and into early fall. Hurricane season kicks off in mid-May and continues through November 30. And while torrential rain is rare, Baja is a desert peninsula that does not handle massive rainfall very well. 

If you plan to visit Baja during the summer be mindful of the weather and an increase in the number of bugs around. Most travelers spend the summer months on the western side of the peninsula where the cooler Pacific Ocean provides some respite from otherwise hot weather. 

But if you want to experience warmer water and fewer people camping in Baja, summer will be a great time to visit.