RV Water

Regardless of the age of our fresh water tank and how often we give it a deep clean, we do not drink the water from our fresh water tank – whether in Mexico, Canada or the US. However, we do ensure that we have the highest quality water in our fresh water tank as we use this water for cooking and bathing. 

Water for your RV fresh water tanks is in abundance all throughout Baja. As we recommend that you visit “agua purificados” for drinking water, most of these purified water stations offer a “manguera” or hose for you to be able to fill up your RV tank. 

Most agua purificados meter their dispenser and you will find they can top you off in no time at all. Purified water is incredibly affordable and we recommend that you plan to visit these for your water refills as often as possible due to the quality of the water you will receive. 

Note, however, that some aguas purificados do not have hoses and/or meters. And for these, you may have to get creative with using smaller containers or several types of hose adapters to transfer water into your tank. 

As an alternative to aguas purificados, you will find lots of places throughout Baja that have traditional water spigots from which you may ask permission to fill your water tank. 

Nearly all campgrounds, even those only offering dry camping, have water spigots. And you can ask many businesses and even private residences (only in a true bind) if you may fill up with water. 

Most people in Baja will be very helpful and always offer a fair amount of pesos in exchange for their water. 

When it comes to ensuring the water is safe for consumption, you can trust agua purificados to provide high-quality drinking water. These businesses exist not for the RVers who flock to Baja each winter, but rather for local residents who rely on purified water over tap water. 

But if you cannot find an agua purificado, it is perfectly fine to add a little liquid bleach to your water tank to purify the water in the tank. You should use approximately 2 teaspoons for every 10 gallons of water in your tank. 

We recommend that you try to alternate between adding water and adding bleach to your tank so that it mixes as you fill. However, driving around Baja for any amount of time is sure to mix the bleach and water adequately prior to drinking. 

We carry a variety of hose/pipe adapters and fittings, particularly the “Water Bandit,” as a way to hedge our bets when it comes to filling up our water tanks. The Water Bandit will allow you to connect your fresh water hose to virtually any spigot. 

Of course, explaining its use to someone unfamiliar with how it works may be a challenge. But having a Water Bandit vastly increases your opportunity for locating water in Baja.