RV Sewer & Dump Stations

Although there are not as many dump stations in Baja as you may find in the US and Canada, there are plenty of them spaced out in intervals that make it quite easy to plan your trips to dump your black and grey tanks. The most reliable places for dumping your wastewater tanks will be campgrounds. 

Sewage facilities range from rudimentary septic systems to highly complex ones that filter, process and recycle wastewater. Regardless of their complexity, dump stations are convenient and located all throughout Baja primarily in more highly populated cities and towns. 

Most campgrounds offer sewer hookups, which makes it quite easy to ensure that every time you stay at a campground you can empty your tanks before leaving. Even if you do not stay in the campground, many will allow you to dump your sewage for a small fee. 

When we camp at the beaches around La Paz, for instance, we almost always make a frequent trip to Campestre La Maranatha to empty our tanks (and do our laundry!).

We recommend that you empty your tanks every time you stay at a campground with sewer facilities. Although we enjoy boondocking as much as the next person, we still add a night in a campground here or there if only to empty our tanks, fill up on water and grab a little less-limited hot water shower. 

It is also good practice to gauge how often you need to empty your tanks – whether you trust your tank gauges or not.