RV Propane

Although not as abundant as purified drinking water, propane is widely available in most larger towns and cities throughout Baja. 

Whether you have portable propane cylinders that you can remove and take for a refill or have permanently mounted cylinders that require you to drive your RV to the propane center, you will have no issues keeping your propane cylinders topped off while in Baja. 

There are a few companies that offer both drive-up and portable cylinder servicing throughout the peninsula. The two that you will see the most are Gaspasa and Baja Gas. 

Most propane refill facilities will offer both options. However, do note that some will not. In La Paz, for example, there is one dedicated portable refill facility and several facilities that you can drive up to. 

Like most consumption when it comes to RVs, we recommend that you have a general idea of how quickly or slowly you exhaust your propane tank(s). While propane can be found in most population centers, sometimes it is not always convenient to access. 

So having an idea of how pressing your refill is will better help you make the decision as to which facility to visit. For example, there is a very easily accessible propane refill facility on the north end of Santa Rosalia and another one on the south end of Loreto. 

However, refilling propane in Mulege, which is right between these towns, is quite difficult. So we recommend that you budget your propane use such that you can consider refilling in either Santa Rosalia or Loreto. 

We also recommend that you consider adding an “Extend A Stay” device to your vehicle propane tank. This will allow you to use portable external tanks to feed your propane appliances as well as to use your vehicle tank to provide fuel for your outdoor grill or fire pit. 

Having the ability to use portable propane tanks may make extending your stay in some places more convenient because it may be easier to refill a portable tank than to have to find a place to refill your RV propane tank.