Guidebook Resources

Throughout the guidebook, we reference important information beyond the printed page. Here are important resources you can access for quick reference:—This website, which you’re on right now, is full of great resources for planning your camping trip to Baja!

Facebook Group—If you’re not already a member, join here for helpful interactions with other members and updated information relevant to your travels.

Info on Caravans We Offer – We lead multiple premium caravans each fall/winter season. If you’re interested in having us handle all of the logistics and planning for you and want to be a part of a small group traveling together, check out the following 2 caravans we’re offering in the 2024/2025 season!

(Pg 42) FMM—For information on completing your FMM online, visit the official Mexican government website.

(Pg 43) Baja Bound Insurance—Baja Bound is the only insurance company we work with and recommend. We’ve had to file claims for our caravan guests and have had exceptional customer service. Their prices are in line with those of other companies.

(Page 53) – Recovery Gear – Here is the recovery gear that we recommend you carry with you in the event you find yourself stuck in the sand (we’ve all been there before and you haven’t truly been to Baja without getting stuck in the sand!)

  • Portable Air Compressor—We’re big fans of anything Viair offers. They’re small, lightweight, and easily power up from your vehicle battery.
  • Collapsible Shovel – A collapsible shovel is a must-have whether you get stuck in the sand and need to dig out or you want to make a nice level parking spot on the beach and need to dig underneath your tires.
  • Leveling Blocks – Leveling blocks like these not only help you level your rig when parking but also come in handy for getting a little traction if you get stuck in the sand!

(Pg 59) Collapsible Drinking Container – Collapsible, stackable water containers like these are great for extending your time boondocking on your favorite beach!

(Pg 60) Staying Safe While Camping

  • Motion Sensor Lights – We call these our “Eyeballs” and love the USB charging and super-sensitivity they have to motion, making us feel safer if we’re camping where there is nobody else nearby.
  • Handheld Satellite Device – Garmin puts safety first with this classic handheld device that allows you to reach out for help in emergency situations without cell phone coverage.

(Pg 65) Capital One Credit Card – Get your Capital One cashback reward card and have no international fees plus cashback on all of your purchases!

(Pg 67) Water Accessories – Having the necessary accessories and parts for a backup water system will allow you to access water whenever you need it and may find yourself in challenging situations.

  • Water Bandit—This affordable little device allows you to connect a water hose to any faucet or spigot in Baja!
  • Funnel – A funnel with a hose like this will allow you to gravity-fill your water tank from your extra water containers.
  • Extra 12V RV Water Pump—RV stores are rare in Baja, and your rig needs water. We recommend carrying a spare like this one just in case you need it!
  • Wire Jumpers—A jumper cable with alligator clips allows you to run the 12V water pump by connecting the leads between your battery and the water pump. Thus, you can get creative with filling your water tank when boondocking in Baja.

(Pg 71) Extend A Stay – If you have an onboard propane tank and plan to stay anywhere for longer periods of time, this will make it so you can use portable propane containers to bypass your main tank and add convenience to any stay.

(Pg 75) 12V Fridge/Freezer

(Pg 78) Taking the ferry to the mainland from La Paz