Rosarito Beach

Although not a personal favorite of ours due to its proximity to the US border and the Mexican cities of Tijuana and Ensenada, Rosarito has its own appeal that deserves mention. This charming town boasts a fascinating history rooted in its origins as a tranquil fishing village, evolving into a bustling tourist haven. 

Visitors are drawn to its beaches, perfect for surfing and sunbathing, as well as its lively nightlife, featuring beachfront bars and delicious local cuisine. Rosarito is also a gateway to stunning natural wonders and exciting activities, from off-road adventures in the rugged mountains to serene horseback rides along the shore. 

Whether you’re there to explore the historical landmarks, savor fresh seafood, or simply unwind by the ocean, Rosarito offers a delightful escape for every camper.

Campgrounds in Rosarito

Most of the camping options around Rosarito are primitive dry camping spots that cater to surfers heading down to Baja from San Diego for a long weekend or nice swell. Here are a few of those options, all suitable if you know what you are getting yourself into. 

K-58 Alisitos

K-58 is a quick and easy campground, particularly if you’re coming from Southern California on a long weekend or surf trip. Known for its stunning ocean views and proximity to some of the best surf spots in the region, this campground offers a rustic but adequate budget dry camping experience.

The campground’s picturesque cliffside setting provides you with breathtaking sunsets and easy access to the beach, making it a perfect spot to combine the natural beauty of the northern Baja coast with some surf sessions. 

Although nothing more than a large, mostly flat dirt lot on the edge of the cliff, the campground has enough amenities to support dry camping. It has basic toilets and cold water showers and there are numerous convenience and grocery stores in the area. Walk half a kilometer south to a couple of great restaurants and bars. 

Address:Rosarito-Ensenada Highway 1 K58 (West side of the highway) 

Phone Number:+52 646 155 0963

GPS: 32.12367, -116.88554

Price Range$10+Sewer HookupNLaundryN
# of Sites30+WiFiYPoolN
Big Rig FriendlyYCell ServiceYSecurityY
Electric HookupNShowerYPet FriendlyY
Water HookupNToiletYTent FriendlyY
Clam Beach Resort

Clam Beach Resort, nestled along the beautiful Pacific coastline almost halfway between Rosarito Beach and Ensenada, is a fantastic destination for RV travelers looking for a serene and picturesque beachside retreat. Known for its expansive sandy beaches and tranquil atmosphere, Clam Beach Resort offers a perfect blend of relaxation and outdoor adventure. 

You won’t be roughing it here. The campground does not take reservations. Instead it operates on a first-come, first-serve basis accepting cash or credit card upon arrival. But there are 82 spacious sites with full hookups so there’s a good chance you’ll find one just for you. 

The resort features clean and modern restroom and shower facilities, ensuring you have a pleasant experience and a well-maintained laundry area is provided for your convenience. For those who enjoy outdoor cooking and dining, BBQ areas and picnic tables are scattered throughout the resort, perfect for family gatherings or socializing with fellow travelers. 

Address: Rosarito-Ensenada Highway 1 KM 70


Phone Number: +52 664 809 9388


GPS: 32.07403, -116.88002

Price Range$30+Sewer HookupYLaundryY
# of Sites82WiFiYPoolN
Big Rig FriendlyYCell ServiceYSecurityY
Electric Hookup30A/50AShowerYPet FriendlyY
Water HookupYToiletYTent FriendlyY
Baja Seasons Resort and RV Park

A spacious RV park that is part of a resort just down the road from Clam Beach Resort, Baja Seasons offers a lot of options when it comes to camping. There are 14 oceanfront sites and dozens of off-beach sites. Each site has a paved pad and full hookups, some with 50A electric service and all others with 30A. 

All campsites offer the same amenities and access to the resort, which includes pool access. There are restrooms with toilets and hot showers and WiFi is accessible as well. The common area of the resort also features a restaurant and bar, laundry facilities and a game area. Reservations are accepted and recommended.

Address: Tijuana-Ensenada Highway 1 KM 72.5


Phone Number: +52 664 484 5561 (WhatsApp)


GPS: 32.06531, -116.87874

Price Range$45+Sewer HookupYLaundryY
# of Sites50+WiFiYPoolY
Big Rig FriendlyYCell ServiceYSecurityY
Electric Hookup30A/50AShowerYPet FriendlyY
Water HookupYToiletYTent FriendlyN