Puertecitos is a small town located around 50 miles (90 km) south of San Felipe along Federal Highway 5. It is a small town of roughly 200-300 homes, many of which are vacation homes of retirees and expatriates from the US and Canada. 

The town, permanently settled in 1949, is a part of the San Felipe municipality, so the climate is pretty much the same.

Puertecitos is primarily known for its natural hot springs built into the rocky coastline. The town has a couple of new hotels, restaurants, and campsites. 

Some vacation homes and trailers are also available on Airbnb. Moreover, fuel is not readily available. There is a Pemex station in the town, but it’s better to get the fuel from San Felipe.

hot springs at puertecitos

Things to do in Puertecitos

Puertecitos is a small settlement mainly known for its beautiful cove, hot springs and a couple of beaches. It is a lovely town, but you will not find much else.

Here are the things you can do in Puertecitos.

Soak in the Hot Springs

The rocky sulfurous water pools on the coastline of Puertecitos are an ideal place to immerse and relax. The hot springs are built into the rocks that line the seashore and are surrounded by the beauty of the Baja California region. There are several different springs with varying temperatures so you have options when you visit. 

The water can be quite hot at low tide, so it’s better to choose the time when the tide is higher. In this way, the cool salty Sea of Cortez overflows into the pools, making the temperature perfect to soak in and enjoy stunning views of beautiful coastlines, dolphins and pelicans. 

Moreover, there is a campsite nearby where you can stay for the day to enjoy the views thoroughly. Camping is around $30 USD per night, which includes access to the hot springs. 

If you are just looking to visit the hot springs for the day, it cost around $25 USD. So if you are able, it’s worth planning to spend the extra $5 to camp so you can enjoy the hot springs at night beneath the stars! 

Enjoy the Beaches                                                                             

Along the shoreline, you will find a mixture of beautiful rocky and sandy beaches. Puertecitos has a gorgeous landscape, and some of the beaches are simply stunning. Moreover, on beaches and deserted areas, you will find many reptiles and plants like the Giant Cardon and Elephant Plant.

Head out on a SUP/Kayak

In addition, to stunning beaches, you will also find many kayaking and paddle-boarding opportunities in the town. Kayakers can enjoy the true desert and sea wilderness in some parts of Puertecitos. 

As mentioned above, it is a small area, but its sea and geography are pretty diverse. You could find finback whales, grey whales, dolphins, sea lions, sea birds and sea turtles in the nearby water along with small islands and hidden coves.

Campgrounds in Puertecitos

Puertecitos RV Park

Puertecitos is an affordable beachfront campground near the hot springs. The campsite has most of the amenities we need for a comfortable stay. The electricity is good, the water and toilets are clean, and each site has a grill, picnic table and shade to relax and enjoy on the beach.

  • Address: A Puertecitos, Playas de San Felipe, 22964 San Felípe, B.C., Mexico
  • GPS Coordinates: 30.3501, -114.6401