Bahia San Luis Gonzaga (Gonzaga Bay)

Bahia San Luis Gonzaga is another treasure of Baja. The peaceful bay is a must-visit if you are driving through Baja along Highway 5. Gonzaga Bay is located around 3 hours South of San Felipe (100 miles, 160 km) and holds the beauty of some of the stunning sandy beaches, warm and crystal-clear water, incredible ocean wildlife and coves. 

Reaching Gonzaga Bay after turning off the highway involves traversing some mostly hard-packed dirt roads, with several destinations requiring 4WD. But the bumpy washboards are worth the beauty and solitude at the end of the road. 

Gonzaga Bay has one decent hotel, Alfonsinas, that serves one of the best meals in the area and also organizes fishing and diving trips in the Sea of Cortez. There is a small market that has everything you expect from a regular convenience store which is quite surprising considering the surroundings. 

And there is a Pemex gas station that is closed more often than it is open (in other words, don’t count on getting fuel here!) Sometimes if it’s closed you can get gas from Rancho Grande.

Moreover, there are a few campgrounds with basic amenities, restaurants and an ever-expanding swath of vacation homes of expatriates. You can go on off-road ATV and dirt bike trips or visit the surrounding islands by kayak or SUP across the beautiful Gonzaga Bay.

Moreover, snorkeling is also possible on the sandy beaches of the bay. It has very clean water, and you will see conch, oysters, clams, starfish, goldfish, manta rays and many small species along the coast. 

Things to do in Bahia San Luis Gonzaga

Bahia San Luis Gonzaga is a fairly small town and is still under construction in many areas, but it has much to offer for adventure lovers.

Here are the best things to do in Bahia San Luis Gonzaga.  

Enjoy the Beaches

Beautiful white sand beaches are a trademark of Baja. Bahia San Luis Gonzaga has some of the most incredible beaches, still a bit off the beaten path so not as spoiled as others in the peninsula. They are a perfect place to relax and meditate on the sound of gently lapping waves.

Moreover, the nights are even more stunning here as there is no proper development for hundreds of miles in any direction. Enjoy peaceful surroundings, beautiful starry skies and the sounds of waves washing ashore.

Go Kayaking of Paddleboarding

Sunset on bahia san luis gonzaga

Kayaking and standup paddle boarding are excellent activities to do in Gonzaga Bay. You can kayak to nearby islands and other beaches in the area. Moreover, small kayak fishing tours are also possible.

You can use any of the beaches if you have your own kayak or paddleboard. Otherwise, you can rent kayaks from Rancho Grande.

Try Snorkeling

Bahia San Luis Gonzaga is an ideal place for snorkeling. The beaches have crystal clear water, with a wide variety of fish species. Even at the beach, you will see starfish, shellfish, oysters and manta rays..

You can book snorkeling and boating trips at Alfonsina and Rancho Grande. The boat rides can also take you to the Enchanted Islands and beaches of Punta Final, a harder-to-reach destination at the southern end of the bay. Punta Final has some lovely coves and beautiful beaches, making it ideal for snorkeling and kayaking.

Go Fishing

Fishing is another great thing to do in Gonzaga Bay. The bay is more isolated and has not been as overfished as other areas of Baja. Thus there are tons of fish species and catching them is not difficult. Yellowtail, sea bass, triggerfish, Corvina, pompano and a variety of grouper are commonly caught in San Luis Gonzaga.

The sea of Cortez is also a playing field for dolphins and a variety of whales. While fishing, you might spot some whale sharks if you are lucky.  

If you aren’t traveling with your own fishing boat or kayak, you can book fishing tours at Alfonsina Hotel and Rancho Grande campground.

Campgrounds in Bahia San Luis Gonzaga

Campgrounds in Bahia San Luis Gonzaga are mostly informal dry camping destinations where you’re basically paying for the view. These are the two most common places to camp along Gonzaga Bay. 

Rancho Grande

Rancho Grande is located right beside the Alfonsina Hotel. The massive campground has beachfront camping areas with a palapa and grill. It has a basic bathroom with no electricity or water hookups. 

The palapas at the beach are more like a hut where you can put chairs or bind hammocks and enjoy the beautiful Sea of Cortez.


Campo Beluga

Campo Beluga is a great place to spend a few nights along Gonzaga Bay. The camp is slightly expensive for what it has to offer. But it does have limited running water to be able to grab a bucket shower if needed and decent toilets and showers (cold). 

If you are traveling with friends, or make friends on the way there, you can often split the camping fee since they charge per palapa and each palapa can fit 2 or more campers.

  • Phone Number: +52 664 416 9965
  • GPS Coordinates: 29.7750, -114.3844