Pescadero / Los Cerritos

El Pescadero is a developing village about 8 miles from Todos Santos and 50 miles (80 km) North of Cabo San Lucas. Combined with its neighboring beach, Playa Los Cerritos, the area has the perfect blend of super friendly people, delicious food and the basics to support a few days of camping in the area. 

It has quickly become the neighboring alternative to Todos Santos, where you can be close enough to visit Todos Santos whenever you’d like but be in a lesser developed and more affordable area.

The village of El Pescadero was first inhabited in 1724 by the same missionaries who developed Todos Santos. Although its name translates to “fishmonger” or “fish buyer,” El Pescadero is actually located several miles inland from the Pacific Ocean. 

The area is famous for chilies and basil leaves. However, juicy mangoes, sweet strawberries, cherry tomatoes and papayas are also a big part of the local farming industry. Farming around Pescadero flourishes because of the underground water funneled down from the Sierra de la Laguna mountains.

El Pescadero and Playa Los Cerritos have remained relatively undeveloped for a significant time. But the increasing popularity among ex-pats from US and Canada has led to rather quick development in the area. 

Around Pescadero, especially on the Pacific side of the village where the village combines with Playa Los Cerritos, there is an increasing number of homes, bed and breakfasts and hotels. And more and more businesses and restaurants are opening throughout the area.

Nearby Playa Los Cerritos is the oceanfront community that offers a beautiful beach with excellent surfing and fishing. More and more restaurants and bars are popping up and this beach has become the go-to for visitors to Todos Santos who are looking to rent a palapa or surfboard to spend the day relaxing in the sun.

Although unaffiliated, this region has become the “suburbs” of Todos Santos and offers far more opportunities to camp than in Todos Santos.

Things to do in Pescadero and Playa Los Cerritos

Although Pescadero and Los Cerritos lack the charm of other villages and towns in Baja, there are still plenty of reasons to visit. 

Here are the things to do in Pescadero.

Head Out Surfing

Playa Cerritos is among the most popular places to surf in Baja California Sur. The coast has both gentle and rocky breakpoints, making it an excellent spot for professionals and beginners.

Surfing equipment is readily available on the beach and there are a few surf schools on-site that offer lessons. Most people surf along the point beneath the big hotel at the north end of the beach because it creates waves that span out to the right and go a long way down the beach.

Enjoy Sportfishing

Sportfishing is another popular attraction in Pescadero. You will likely head out from Punta Lobos, a small beach just north of Pescadero. Local fishermen will take you to the best places to catch fish on half or full-day excursions. 

If you are craving fresh seafood and don’t want to catch it yourself, you can often buy fish at Punta Lobos and take it back to cook where you are camping.

Relax at the Beach

Playa Los Cerritos is a sandy beach with generally gentle waves. Although there are times when swells will create large waves, Cerritos is a hugely popular place because it is safe to swim most days of the year. 

In fact, vendors line the alleyways to the ocean and sell all sorts of items to make your stay more relaxing. From surfboard and wetsuit rentals to all sorts of food, you can arrive in Cerritos with nothing and still make a great day of it.

And if relaxing is your number one priority, there are palapas that you can rent for some shade when you want it and plenty of people will come around and offer massages right there on the beach.

Wear Yourself Out With Water Sports

When the surf is not up, the calm waters of Playa Los Cerritos offer the opportunity to head out on the water kayaking and paddleboarding. So regardless of whether you camp in the area so you can surf or paddle, you can wear yourself out virtually every day of the week doing one water sport or the other. 

Plus, during winter, humpback and grey whales migrate close to shore and you may have some encounters if you time your paddle. While it’s rare to come very close to whales offshore, do be mindful of the sheer size of the whales and enjoy watching them from a distance.

Campgrounds in Pescadero

As the growing alternative to Todos Santos, El Pescadero offers more camping opportunities than anywhere else around. In fact, it seems as if every year there is at least one new campground opening up to support the increasing number of visitors to the area. 

Most campgrounds are closer to Pescadero, inland from Cerritos, due to the affordability of the land. But these campgrounds, as with other developments in the area, tend to cascade up the desert hills away from the ocean providing spectacular views of the ocean even though they are not oceanfront.

Casa Caravan

Aerial view of Casa Caravan RV park Los Cerritos

Casa Caravan is a handy campground just a mile away from Playa Cerritos. Although it is a small campground, it has full hookups, the nicest bathrooms of any campground in Baja, an outdoor kitchen a small pool and a common area that fills up with social campers most nights of the week. 

Although many of the spots are a tight fit, the campground is big-rig friendly. However, expect very little privacy as most sites sort of overlap with each other. If you are traveling during winter be sure to reserve a site well in advance as there are many long-term campers who occupy most of the sites through the busy season.


Pescadero Surf Camp

Pescadero Surf Camp is the original campground in Pescadero. It is a beautifully manicured campground with a lovely swimming pool. Although it is not close to the beach, the campground offers amenities that attract all sorts of campers. From fast Wi-Fi, hot showers, clean bathrooms, a public kitchen and the ability to hook up while camping. 

However, Pescadero Surf Camp is designed more for smaller RVs and vans and those travelers who want to pitch a tent or rent a room rather than for larger RVs and travel trailers. If you have a Class C RV or larger you’ll want to take a pass on camping here.


Cerritos Boutique RV Park

Cerritos Boutique RV Park is another relatively expensive but fully equipped campground option close to Cerritos beach. The owner is amiable and overall amenities are great. 

Despite being a costly campground, it does not have a pool, unlike the other two campgrounds. 

However, you can expect full hookups at every site, spacious and clean bathrooms with hot water, fast WiFi and a communal kitchen.