La Ventana

La Ventana, or “the window,” is a classic Baja California Sur town that has grown a reputation for attracting a certain thrill-seeking kind of traveler. Although the town itself is a traditional fishing village on the coast of the Sea of Cortez, strong winter winds bring wind sports fanatics in droves. 

This is one of the most popular places in the world for kiteboarding and windsurfing and visiting at the wrong time will likely leave a bad taste in your mouth as the entire area ends up feeling like a beach scene from Point Break. 

La Ventana Bay was first developed in 1940 when pearl diver Salome Leon brought his family over the mountains from La Paz because pearl diving became unprofitable. Today, many of his family members and descendants live in the village.

There is another small town on the northern end of the bay called El Sargento, which is sort of an extension of La Ventana. Between these two towns, you’ll find all you could want – from camping and logistics to adventure and watersports. 

La Ventana has a tiny population that almost doubles or even triples between the cold months of November and March. During this period, northerly winds blow in the afternoon creating the perfect environment for kitesurfing. 

The La Ventana sky gets filled with colorful kites during this period. Moreover, in season you will find tons of excellent watersport activities when the wind dies down and you can kayak, paddleboard and swim or snorkel the nearby reefs.

From hiking, mountain biking and just relaxing on the beach, La Ventana has many activities for those travelers not interested in kitesurfing. Moreover, you can book a boat ride to the nearby Isla Cerralvo for some fishing, snorkeling and swimming in the Sea of Cortez.

The natural hot springs of Playa Agua Caliente, on the northern end of El Sargento, are also a place not to miss, especially if you are visiting the town in winter. Here you can actually dig your own hot spring in the mud and sand and sit and enjoy the warmth throughout the day.

Things to do in La Ventana

La Ventana is an adventure outdoor sport and wind sports capital of Baja. Beautiful beaches, crystal clear water, miles of trails in the desert and kiteboarders flying across the bay are the trademark of La Ventana.

Here are the things to do in La Ventana and El Sargento.

Go Kiteboarding

Kiteboarding is the most popular tourist attraction in La Ventana. The northern winds and calm water create an ideal environment in winter. Kite surfers visit in huge numbers to fill the sky with colorful kites and take up most of the camping during the winter months. 

But people travel from all over the world to kite surf in La Ventana and it is an excellent spot for both professional and beginner surfers.

All the equipment is readily available at operators throughout the town. Moreover, multiple kitesurfing schools on the bay offer gear rentals and learning opportunities. Some schools also have accommodations and offer multiday packages with lessons.

Dig Your Own Hot Springs 

Playa Agua Caliente is a natural hot spring located on the northern end of El Sargento. The beach is a perfect spot to take a break and relax in the hot springs that soak from the ground up.

The best time to visit the hot springs is when the tides are low, as they lie right under the sand and pebbles along the shoreline. Here, you’ll dig up some sand and fill up your own personal hot spring. While relaxing, you might also witness some Mobula Rays playing and jumping in the water.

Go Mountain Biking

La Ventana has some of the best mountain biking trails in all of Mexico. There are over 70 trails spanning over 80 miles (130 km) divided into two sections. The south trail passes through the thick Cardon cacti forest on the southern end of La Ventana. The track is comparatively flat and great for beginners.

The north trail goes up to the hills overlooking the Playa Agua Caliente. The local mountain bike association spends lots of time and effort maintaining all the routes.

Moreover, multiple shops in the area offer bike rentals and repairs if needed.

Hike the Punta Gorda Trail

Punta Gorda is a beautiful trail to a scenic rocky beach. It is a 3.6-mile hike showcasing the typical Baja terrain of rocky mountains on one side and shimmering sea on the other. It starts from the hot springs beach and ends at a beautiful and hidden calm rocky beach that is an excellent place for snorkeling.

We recommend starting just before sunrise to enjoy the fantastic views of the sun rising from the Sea of Cortez. Moreover, don’t forget to pack extra water and snacks because unlike the beaches of La Paz or Bahia Concepcion, there are no shops or restaurants on the beach.

Enjoy Snorkeling

Snorkeling, kayaking, and paddleboarding are popular morning activities just before the wind picks up later in the day. If you haven’t brought your own, you can rent kayaks, paddleboards, and snorkeling equipment at local shops.

The reef near an undeveloped beach just north of El Sargento, Bahia de Los Muertos, and Punta Arena are great spots for snorkeling.

Take a Ride to Isla Cerralvo

Isla Cerralvo is an 18-mile-long island just off the coast of La Ventana. It is similar to Espiritu Santo in La Paz without as much of a crowd. Hiking and snorkeling tours of the island are locally available via boat.

Keep in mind visiting Isla Cerralvo can get complicated in winter because of strong winds.

Campgrounds in La Ventana and El Sargento

There are only a couple of campground options in La Ventana and El Sargento. 

El Sargento Beach Campground

El Sargento is a basic, but nice beachfront campground that basically offers dry camping. There are very few amenities, but the bathroom and showers are pretty clean. The beach is quite nice, and the water is excellent for snorkeling. 

Moreover, you can also fish on the beach. However, from November to March do not expect to find a decent spot due to the number of kiteboarders in town for the long haul.

  • Address: Corredor Isla Cerralvo, 3246+3C La Ventana, B.C.S., Mexico
  • GPS Coordinates: 24.0556, -109.9889

Brisa del Mar RV Park

Located away from town, Brisa del Mar RV Park is a rather new campground with full hookups, a hot shower, clean toilets and fast Wi-Fi. It is on a hilltop, so there is no beach, less wind and a much smaller crowd. 

There are around a dozen campsites that can support small to mid-size RVs (up to around 30 feet). Moreover, the park has a communal kitchen area for cooking and stargazing is great here!