Caravan Payment

The “Wander to Baja” RV Caravan is an extension of Called To Wander, LLC which is incorporated in the state of Florida and is owned and operated by Christopher (“Chris”) and Lindsay (with an “A”) Harvey. As such, payments will be processed by Called To Wander, LLC either electronically via PayPal (below) or you are welcome to write a check (US banks only).

Please note that PayPal accepts a variety of payment preferences below, but comes with a 3.5% processing fee that we have included in your payment options below. You know the drill by now – small businesses like ours have come to rely on payment-processing companies like PayPal at the expense of this processing fee. We appreciate your understanding. We’ve included this fee in the pricing options below.


The total cost for the 40-day caravan is USD $4,995 per RV/couple. This pricing is calculated in USD and can be paid according to the following schedule.

  • $495 ($512.33) USD – NONREFUNDABLE DEPOSIT due immediately to secure your spot
  • $2,000 ($2,070) USD – Payment #1 due July 31, 2024 (or immediately if after July 31st)
  • $1,500 ($1,552.50) USD – Payment #2 due September 30, 2024 (or immediately if after September 30th)
  • $1,000 ($1,035) USD – Payment #3 due November 15, 2024 (or immediately if after November 15th)

Please know that we are not in the business of keeping your money in the event you are unable to attend the caravan. If we can book someone from the waiting list before the final payment (December 15, 2024) we will refund your entire amount, minus any fees paid. However, to protect the planning and payment of all campgrounds and associated expenses to operate the caravan we must reserve the right to withhold any portion of the non-refundable deposit applied to the above expenses.

* If you have any questions or would like to attempt to transfer funds by any other method, please contact us.


Payable to “Called To Wander, LLC”

Mailed to Address:

2655 Eagle Bay Drive

Orange Park, FL 32073