Caravan Guest Comments

If you are on the fence about joining our Baja RV Caravan, check out what previous guests have said about us!

“Chris and Lindsay were great caravan leaders. I felt confident in their knowledge of Baja and RV traveling, as they literally wrote the book on how to do it in Baja. They made me feel safe and well looked after. So much so that I traveled for a month on my own in Baja afterward as a single woman. You would do well to have them guide you.”

K, Alberta

We wanted to express our gratitude for the work you both did to make our caravan a great experience.  Your willingness to go the extra mile for us in particular with our trailer challenges and the rest of the caravan as a whole is very much appreciated.   

Chris, you truly are a great leader with your morning briefings, your willingness to change plans on the fly and your knowledge of the areas we visited.  Thank you for going out of your way to get us water when needed, having your ‘friends’ stop by with sausages, frozen meat and of course the seafood people and generally working hard to make everyone feel included.

Lindsay, we appreciate the joy and laughter you brought to all our get-togethers.  Thank you for your photographs, your skills in all things technical and the hosted happy hours/dinners.  The love you have for the area and its people is very apparent.   May your ‘treasure box’ always have room for your next great find!

We thoroughly enjoyed meeting you both and our fellow travelers. We too are hopeful that our paths will cross again.

S and R, British Columbia

“Thank you both for a wonderful trip to the Baja. You showed us you had the experience, knowledge, & professionalism to guide us through a sometimes challenging journey.  Whatever the challenges either mechanical issues with the RV’s, or pet issues, you were always there to assist us.  We couldn’t have had any better wagon masters, thank you.”

D & Bubbles, British Columbia

I just spent a month in Baja with compassionate, knowledgeable, and respectful trip leaders. Chris and Lindsay have extensive experience in the region.  They share their knowledge joyfully.  Highly recommend them to be your RV caravan leaders.  Great dogs too! ” 

D, Alaska

We took a trip to the Baja Peninsula in March 2024 with our wagon masters Chris and Lindsay. It was our first RV trip to Mexico. We travel to the Caribbean side of Mexico quite often but we always fly there so we are quite familiar with that area of the country but were newbies to the Baja. The caravan assembled in California where we met the other 6 couples plus our wagon masters. 

Chris and Lindsay are very passionate about Baja and on our first evening, they gave us a very good introduction as to what we could expect in terms of driving, camping, prices etc. As the trip progressed they were both very good at explaining what our next day would look like regarding drive time and camping area plus best places to buy gas, groceries or available restaurants. 

They are a very easy to get along with couple and were always looking for experiences to enhance the trip. Using their knowledge and network of connections they were able to provide things to do and see beyond the scope of what we were expecting. 

We never felt rushed into having to stick to a schedule they always discussed things with us and got a consensus of what the group would prefer. We had many happy hours where the whole group would assemble before dinner and have a good chat about what had occurred during the day. 

If we decided to travel to the Baja peninsula again they would definitely be our choice as wagon masters. The trip we experienced was excellent and enhanced by this great couple (plus their two wonderful dogs Everest and Huckleberry)

M and E, British Columbia

“Chris and Lindsay were the caravan leaders for our trip down the Baja peninsula. This was not only our first trip to Baja but our first experience with traveling in a caravan. We really enjoyed the caravan experience in large part due to Chris and Lindsay’s friendly, casual personalities. Chris and Lindsay’s knowledge of Baja and their ability to communicate in Spanish allowed us to relax and enjoy the vacation without having to be concerned about communication challenges or our lack of knowledge of the local customs.

D and J, British Columbia

My wife and I just recently completed a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, an RV Caravan Tour of the Baja Peninsula, thanks to Chris and Lindsay’s leadership. The places and experiences we enjoyed were varied and often inspiring. Lindsay and Chris’ passion for and depth of knowledge of Baja shed new and lasting light upon the entire experience.

They would frequently adlib and round off any possible sharp edges making our group’s experience both so much more enjoyable as well as personal for all.  It wasn’t a “them and us” relationship, but rather an expanded cohesive family experience.

We were all so truly fortunate to have them as our “Wagon Masters” My wife and I could not more strongly recommend Chris and Lindsay when you are considering or planning your Baja adventure!

L, Arizona

We were on a Caravan tour led by Christopher and his wife Lindsay in March this year. I cannot say enough good things about Chris and Lindsay. They were great hosts, very knowledgeable about the area, and awesome with us older folks. The caravan tour they are planning is 10 days longer than the one we were on, which will make the trip much more enjoyable.

One thing I found to be very important for me, was the fact that Chris and Lindsay had starlink for internet and wifi calling. They generously allowed us all to use it. There is limited cell service when travelling the Baja.

I would highly recommend joining their caravan for your first tour down the Baja, you won’t regret it!

E, British Columbia

Dear Lindsay & Chris,

Thank you so much for a wonderful month in Baja. You both made it a trip to remember! We really enjoyed it!

L & K, Ontario