40-Day Caravan Itinerary

Below is a brief description of each of our stops along our caravan itinerary. Use the following key for services in each destination.

F = Full HookupE = Electric HookupW = Water Hookup
D = Dump StationS = ShowerT = Toilet
R = RestaurantB = BankSH = Shopping
G = GroceriesL = LaundryDRY = Dry Camping

Day 0: Potrero County Park, California

Services: E, W, D, S, T

Today we all meet and go through all paperwork and answer any questions you may have, which will include a quick trip to the Tecate border to secure our FMM tourist visas the day before crossing into Mexico. We’ll do our hosted Happy Hour and formal Orientation in the afternoon so you understand the process we’ll take to cross the border the next morning.

People standing at Tecate sign

Day 1: Valle de Guadalupe

(75 km / 45 miles)

Services: E, W, D, S, T

The first task of the day will involve waking up early and packing for an 8 AM departure to the Tecate border. It will take a little while to get everyone through the border. But after crossing, it will take around 45 minutes plus one body break to reach our first campground. Valle de Guadalupe is full of beautiful vineyards and we’ll load up and go tour a few of them as well as local craft markets! Feel free to grab a bite to eat while we are out if you don’t want to prepare your own meal tonight.

campground in valle de guadalupe, baja california

Day 2: Lazaro Cardenas

(246 km / 153 miles)

Services: DRY, R, W

We’ll start early again today as we need to drive through the busy city of Ensenada. From there, we’ll break up the long drive down the Pacific coast with a stop in the San Quintin area. Catch a sunset while camped on the beach and enjoy our hosted Welcome Dinner at the hotel’s delicious restaurant!

Rainbow over beach on the pacific ocean

Day 3: Catavina

(174 km / 108 miles)

Services: DRY, R

Catavina is a hidden gem in the literal middle of nowhere along Highway 1. We’ll stop here to break up the drive toward Guerrero Negro, enjoy the beauty of the boulder fields and tall cactus and have clear skies for stargazing! Once we get set up for camp we’ll carpool to the nearby cave paintings, which is at the end of a short 1/4 mile hike through a desert full of a variety of blooming cacti. Plus you can take a night off of cooking if you want and enjoy a “ranch-style” meal prepared by our campground host.

cave paintings in catavina

Day 4: Guerrero Negro

(236 km / 146 miles)

Services: F, S, T, R, B, SH, G, W

With another short drive, we’ll end up in Guerrero Negro. Although the town doesn’t have a whole lot to offer tourists, Guerrero Negro offers some of the best grey whale watching in the early spring. We’ll settle into the campground and then we’ll track down what many call the best fish and shrimp tacos in Baja or some delicious birria for lunch. You’ll have plenty of time to run errands or just relax today.

Tony's tacos in guerrero negro

Day 5: San Ignacio

(147 km / 91 miles)

Services: E, W, D, S, T, R, W

Although we’ll end up in San Ignacio later in the day, the morning will start with a Grey Whale Watching (“petting”) tour! We’ve timed the itinerary so that the whales should be in peak season and playful! After the tour, we’ll make a short drive to the tiny oasis town of San Ignacio, a beautiful pit stop on our way north and south. We’ll enjoy a quick walking tour of the town and its historic mission. Grab happy hour and/or dinner at one of the restaurants in the town square and enjoy the quiet of a quintessential Baja town.

People petting grey whales in Guerrero Negro

Day 6-7: Mulege

(139 km / 86 miles)

Services: F, S, T, SH, G, W, L

A short drive brings us back to the Sea of Cortez to Mulege, our favorite town in Baja. We’ll be camping across the river from town and we’ll be here for 2 nights. So once we’re all set up at camp we’ll drive to town for a quick tour and maybe a happy hour margarita at our favorite place for drinks. The next day we have the option to take a formal tour of the town or head off into the mountains to view the cave paintings.

Mulege mission

Day 8-11: Playa Santispac (Bay of Concepcion)

(19 km / 12 miles)

Services: DRY, R, D

The Bay of Concepcion is a short drive from Mulege, but we’ll make it a fairly early start to the day so we can spend as much time camped on the bay as possible! We’ll be spending 4 nights camping on Playa Santispac, one of the beautiful beaches along the Bay of Concepcion, a highlight of any trip to Baja! Enjoy your watersports or simply relax and soak up the sun. Our friends will come by with fresh seafood, empanadas and other tasty treats during our stay! And with 2 restaurants to choose from on the beach, we’ll end up with at least one optional meal together.

Playa santispac humming birds and palapa on beach

Day 12-15: Loreto

(114 km / 71 miles)

Services: F, S, T, R, B, SH, G, L

Loreto is a short and scenic drive from the Bay of Concepcion. We’ll leave our beach camping spots relatively early so we can arrive and get set up in Loreto. We’ll be camped for 4 nights in a formal campground just a few blocks from the center of town. So our first afternoon we’ll walk to town and do some sightseeing and shopping before settling on an optional dinner together. The next day we’ll join a tour to visit the San Javier Mission and nearby goat farm. The next dew days are yours and you are free to explore the islands off the coast (weather permitting), go snorkeling/diving or fishing. From here, Baja is your oyster and we hope you enjoy your time!

Loreto museum

Day 16: La Paz (Errands)

(347 km / 216 miles)

Services: F, S, T, R, B, SH, G, L

We’ll start the first day relatively early because we have a bit of a drive day between Loreto and La Paz. Upon arriving in La Paz we’ll run all of our errands and any restocking that needs to be done. Then we’ll check into the campground and enjoy the rest of the afternoon.

Day 17-19: Los Barriles

(111 km / 70 miles)

Services: F, S, T, B, SH, G, L

Our southernmost destination on this caravan is around 2.5 hours through the beautiful Sierra de la Laguna mountain range. We’ll stop for breakfast at the El Triunfo Cafe where we can stock up on delicious pastries to go.

From there we’ll drive to our campground on the south side of Los Barriles. We’ll have ATVs waiting for anyone who would like to rent one, as these are the most common ways to get around Los Barriles and its surrounding areas. We’ll spend the afternoon relaxing or wandering around town, where we can grab happy hour and a bite to eat somewhere in town our first night.

The next day we’ll hop on our ATVs and head off along the coast to explore the area. We’ll find hidden beaches to snorkel and picnic and we’ll see parts of the area that you would not be able to see otherwise. We’ll host a happy hour and potluck dinner and enjoy the beauty of the East Cape!

people on atv on beach in los barriles

Day 20-25: La Paz

(111 km / 70 miles)

Services: F, S, T, R, B, SH, G, L

After leaving Los Barriles, we’ll return to La Paz for the next 11 days! Over the next few days we’ll use the campground as basecamp for exploring the area. We’ll arrange for transportation so that you can go into town to explore La Paz, from the Malecon along the bay to the street art, cafes and cathedrals that define this as our favorite city in Baja. We’ll also help to plan any other tours you may want to do, including a boat ride out to Isla Espiritu Santo to visit whale sharks and sea lions and take in all of the beauty of the island. One day we’ll also take a day trip to Todos Santos to enjoy the quaint Pueblo Magico. This year is special because our time in La Paz will overlap with Carnaval so you are welcome to go enjoy the festive celebration if you would like!

statue of whale shark in la paz baja california sur

Day 26-29: Playa Tecolote

(45 km / 28 miles)

Services: DRY, R

After a few nights with full hookups in La Paz, we’ll leave the campground and head out to spend the next 4 nights together boondocking on one of Baja’s most beautiful beaches. Although it is not required, you will be able to participate in our second annual “Wander to Baja RV Meetup,” which is a chance to celebrate the non-profits and people, culture, landscapes and wildlife that make Baja special! Enjoy watersports such as kayaking, paddleboarding, snorkeling or boating, hike to Balandra Beach or hire a boat tour from one of the restaurants on the beach.

campers on playa el tecolote in la paz baja california sur

Day 30: La Paz (Errands)

(45 km / 28 miles)

Services: F, S, T, R, B, SH, G, L

Our return to the campground in La Paz will be simply to allow you enough time to restock any groceries, propane, Pesos or other needs you have as well as to have another day of full hookups after dry camping for 4 days. Get your laundry done or just relax and enjoy the pool.

Day 31: Ciudad Constitucion

(201 km / 125 miles)

Services: F, S, T

Although it is not very scenic, a stop at Ciudad Constitution breaks up the long drive north. We’ll stay at a campground just outside of town and enjoy some of the best carnitas in all of Baja while we rest between drive days.

Day 32-34: Playa Santispac

(258 km / 160 miles)

Services: DRY, R

Baja is known for its beaches. And what makes Baja special is that you can camp on beautiful beaches and enjoy the best that Baja has to offer. To break up the return north, and to soak up some more sunshine while enjoying the saltwater, we’ll stop at Playa Santispac once again for 3 nights so you can seal in those memories you’ll not soon want to forget!

people having happy hour on the beach at playa santispac

Day 35: San Ignacio

(158 km / 98 miles)

Services: E, W, D, S, T, R, W

We’ll have a late start to the day as we’re not in a rush to return to the quiet oasis town of San Ignacio. However, this time we’re returning to San Ignacio for another opportunity to go grey whale watching! Enjoy the rest and peace of the quiet town.

mission in san ignacio baja california sur

Day 36-37: Guerrero Negro

(146 km / 91 miles)

Services: F, S, T, R, B, SH, G, W

Before driving a short distance back to Guerrero Negro, you’ll have the chance to hop in a van and take the short ride out to the Laguna San Ignacio, where different grey whales than those in Guerrero Negro will have been waiting for your visit. We love grey whale interactions and not everyone gets to experience them in this lagoon. After the whale watching tour, we’ll load up and drive to a different campground just outside of Guerrero Negro for one last opportunity to visit with the grey whales before they head north to Alaska!

Day 38: Gonzaga Bay

(232 km / 144 miles)

Services: DRY, G, T

Rancho Grande, on Gonzaga Bay, is a haven for those campers who don’t travel as far south as we have. However, it will be a nice place to spend the last night on the beach where you can enjoy watersports or walk the sandy beaches looking for arrowhead sand dollars.

sunset on the beach at gonzaga bay baja california

Day 39: San Felipe

(183 km / 114 miles)

Services: DRY, S, T

We’ll take a late start to the day, in no rush to leave our last beach, and we will drive a few short hours along the stunning Sea of Cortez coast along Highway 5. Our final destination is a horse camp on the outskirts of San Felipe. Our friends Lynn and Joe will host us to a unique camping opportunity and some award-winning BBQ to go along with our final happy hour. If you’re interested in a sunset horseback ride through the desert, Lynn will gladly take you through her favorite trails full of incredible views. Sleep well under the stars tonight as we’ll leave early the next morning for the border.

camp fire in the desert with RV in background

Day 40: US Border Crossing

(186 km / 116 miles)

Today is our least favorite of all days of the year as it is the day when we will all cross back into the US, leaving the beauty and adventure of Baja behind. We’ll drive north for a few hours into the busy city of Mexicali, where we’ll navigate stop lights and unmarked lane changes to find our way to the border crossing queue. After we all get across the border we’ll meet and have one last chance to say farewell to each other before we go our separate ways!

cars in line to cross the us border from mexicali baja